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  • October 28 - Family Fun Night: Loteria hosted by SolX, activites and games hosted by StuCo!

  • October 29 - East End Trunk or Treat from 5pm - 6pm 

East End Trunk or Treat

Join us for a Trunk or Treat event on Oct 29 from 5-6 pm! East End Elementary and East End Secondary are teaming up for this fun New Student Application Launch event. Current students, friends and family of all ages are welcome! 

Information for Senior Parents! 

The College Initiatives Team is excited to give you a few updates regarding tasks your Senior has worked on in Seminar Class.

  • Completed Task:

-All seniors submitted college applications 3 weeks ago. At this point all applications should be submitted. Please check-in with your Senior to check that they have submitted all the applications on their College List. 

-All Seniors created their ApplyTexas Accounts

-All Seniors created their FSA ID for FAFSA

-All Seniors created an FSA ID for a parent (if applicable). 

  • Current Tasks: 

-All Seniors completed the Non-Filer 4506-T form to request parents tax transcript. 

-All Seniors have been working on FAFSA. Please check-in with your Senior to make sure they have completed all the steps regarding FAFSA by October 31st. 

  • Future Task: 

-All Seniors will be applying to scholarships in November and December. Please encourage your student to apply to scholarships that will be available to them in Senior Seminar Class. Scholarships can be utilized towards paying for school tuition, purchasing books, or any other necessary expenses needed in college.

  • Ongoing Task: 

-All Seniors are required to attend 25 College Visits this year. Please check your student has been attending college visits, specially for the schools they are applying to. College visits are part of Senior Seminar grades. 

**You will also find your Senior's Final Colleges they are applying to in their Naviance Account. Please ask them to show you their active schools as those will be the one's they must apply to. 

Information for Junior parents! 

1. This past week the Class of 2023 registered for the December SAT. Parents please check-in that your 11th grade student has completed this process in junior seminar class. 

2. Juniors will be working on SAT Practice in Junior Seminar Class. All students have their own goals they are working on to meet the score needed for the schools they will be applying to Senior Year. At East End we have the 1070 Club, where students who score a 1070 or higher on the SAT are recognized for this achievement. We highly reccomend students to practice every day for at least 15 minutes on SAT Practice. 


Early Student Pick-up 

We have seen that a high number of students are being picked up early from school. This means that students are missing important class time and are risking falling behind in those courses. 

*If you pick your student up early for an appointment, it MUST be before 3 PM and provide proper documentation. If not, that absence will be marked as UNEXCUSED in your student's record. 

You must have a valid ID present and the person picking up must be listed under emergency contacts for the student. The emergency contact list can be found in Skyward. Updates to this list can be made on the Back to School Forms. Again, please be reminded that ealy pick-up ends at 3 PM. 

Student Absences 

If your student is absent due to a doctor's appointment, illness or court appearance, please remember to send an excuse note or documentation with your child within 2 days of return. You can also email an absent excuse note to Ms. Salazar at Oneida.Salazar@yesprep.org. If your child is out due to testing positive for COVID, please call the front office at (713) 967-7800 to inform them and send documentation upon their return, so the absence can be coded appropriately as being ill with COVID. 

Please remember if your student is experiencing symptoms of any kind, please keep them home until they are well enough to return. 

Back To School Forms 

If you haven't already, please complete the Back To School forms for your children! All returning and new students to YES Prep will need to complete this process. Back to School forms are available through your Skyward Family Access acount by selecting the tile named 'Back to School Forms 21-22'. You can complete these on a computer or on your mobile device via the browser (you cannot complete the forms in the Skyward app). 

Skyward Family Access Login


Student IDs

Please make sure your student has their ID on a daily basis. Students who do not have their IDs will receive a Temp ID along with a demerit. Students with more than 3 Demerits will receive Detention.



  • Students must bring their Laptops charged every day.

  • Students who forget their laptops will be asked to call parents to see if they can drop it off at school. 

  • Cellphones are not allowed to be used during school hours. If a student is caught with a cellphone, it will be confiscated and held at the front office until the end of the day where a parent/guardian must pick it up. 



We ensure all students are getting the social, emotional, and/or mental health support they need to be successful. To reach your students Student Support Counselor,

Middle School Student Support Counselor- 6th-8th: Rebecca.Martinez@yesprep.org / Call: (713) 967-7866

High School Student Support Counselor- 9th- 12th: Cecilia.Mendoza@yesprep.org / Call: (713) 967-7963

If you notice a change in behavior, something has changed at home, or if student has asked to talk someone, we are here for to help! Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns. 

SAF- (Student Assistance Form- to be used if your child is having any emotional issues or needs resources for housing, food, etc.)

See Something, Say Something!

We value the relationships we have built through the years with our parents. Did you know that more than often, you all are the reason we are able to stop incidents before they start? You have access to information first hand from your children that can impact the safety of your student at school. When you have this information, we ask that if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Please complete an incident report using the link below if you hear of any issues that may affect the safety of your child at school. This can be bullying, threats of violence, or even disturbing things you may see on social media. Together we can make Southeast a safe place for all students.

Incident Report (Electronic)

Middle School Dean of Students: monica.bailey@yesprep.org / Call: (713) 967-9443

High School Dean of Students: mariana.salazar@yesprep.org / Call: (713) 924-0436


All students interested in participating in athletics for the 21-22 school year will need a current sports physical. Copies can be picked up with Coach Mikkelson at the gym or at the front office.

o   You can schedule a physical with your provider or with Legacy (See contact info below).

Legacy Contact Information for YES Prep East End
Legacy Clinic - YES Prep East End
8329 Lawndale Street
Houston TX 77012
(832) 548-5000

If you are interested in being a student manager please contact dustin.mikkelson@yesprep.org


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