East End Uniforms

Student uniforms should be purchased through the YES Prep approved vendor website. The vendor web address is communicated during the summer prior to the start of school. Students are responsible for ordering their required uniform through this site and having a complete uniform starting the first day of school through the remainder of the school year.  

Dress Code Expectations

At YES Prep East End, we encourage students to represent their individual identity while also representing the Explorer community through their uniform. A uniform has been adopted for all YES Prep Public Schools students. The uniform promotes the concept of team that is core to the YES Prep mission, and it also reduces competition among students based on the style and expense of their clot hes. Uniforms must be properly worn throughout the school day and whenever on cam p us. Students must also be wearing their school ID badge on a school appropriate lanyard.

A uniform shirt is defined to be a collared shirt, sold by the YES Prep Public Schools, containing the current school logo, and is the correct color for the child's campus. Students MUST wear a YES Prep polo every day, even if they are wearing a YES Prep Outlayer, a YES Prep polo must still be worn. Students may not  make modifications to their  school uniformUniforms  will be checked daily in the morning and in every class as they enter class.

Additionally, the YES Prep Public Schools has school sweatshirts, windbreakers  and winter  coats that students may purchase and wear as an outer layer over the school uniform. Turtlenecks, t­-shirts, jackets, windbreakers, and sweaters that do not include the YES Prep Public Schools logo may be worn underneath YES Prep uniform clothing, but the outer layer must always be a YES Prep East End outer layer;

Accessory items such as mouth grills, spiked collars, spiked bracelets, linked chains (for wallets or necklaces), spiked or studded beltsoversized accessories (necklaces, pendants) are prohibited.


For exchanges, returned merchandise can be brought to campus front office or directly to the vendor. In both cases, the vendor is responsible for supplying uniforms in the exchange.  

Financial Hardships 
Students with a financial hardship can reach out to their campus Student Support Counselor for assistance with the purchase of uniforms. Assistance will be determined based on need.