Clubs & Organizations


The Department of Student Involvement exists 1) to create an infrastructure that promotes the development of student leadership and desired character traits, and 2) as a result positively affects the social and academic climate of the campus.  Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that our students are competitive and are building a well-rounded resume.

All students are invited and encouraged to take part in campus clubs and organizations. Below is a list of the clubs and organizations offered at YES Prep East End. 

Possible High-Impact Projects

High School Student Council

-          Apply for national membership

-          School’s awareness issue (All year)

-          CA Spirit Week (Oct and February)

-          Halloween Dance (Oct)

-          Homecoming Spirit Day (Jan)

-          Homecoming Court (Jan)

-          Society Competition (?)

-          Carnival (?)

-          Attend ntl summer conference (June/July)

-          High School Only


National Honor Society

-          Apply for membership renewal

-          Induction ceremony (Oct)

-          Honor Roll recognition (every 6 weeks)

-          Honor Roll field trip (Jan)

-          Tutorial Hours (each student 1 hr per week)

-          Study Jams (Common Assessments)

-          High School Only


National Art Honor Society

-          Apply for national membership

-          Induction ceremony (Oct)

-          Individual

o   Enter art competitions

-          YP East End

o   Create EE mural

o   Post work around EE

o   Repaint picnic tables

-          East End Community

o   Via Colori Chalk Art

o   Museum Visit

-          High School Only

-          Michael Healey  

Spanish National Honor Society

-          Apply for national membership

-          Induction ceremony (April)

-          Monthly community service projects

-          Individual

o   Enter competitions in order to get publish in an academic journal (for foreign languages)

-          Host awareness events

-          Send representatives to the LatinX Summit

-          High School Only



-          Host Monthly Meetings

-          Host awareness events

-          Send representatives to the LatinX Summit

-          High School Only


Pride & Allies

-          Host events that bring awareness to the LGBTQ Community

-          Send representatives to the Pride Summit

-          High School Only


Peer Assistance Leadership (PALs)

-          Apply for national membership

-          Meet with ‘Littles’ (once per week)

-          Big/Littles Breakfast (invite parents) – Semester One

-          End-of-year Field Trip - Semester Two

-          High School Only (Big)



-          Apply for membership renewal

-          Blood Drives (3 per year)

-          Houston Marathon volunteers (Jan)

-          Rotary project-

o   Rotary Youth Leadership Award (Jan/Feb)

-          Local project- education and service activity

o   Blood Drive (Semester One)

-          International project- education and service activity

o   Books for the World (Semester One)

-          High School Only



-          System-wide training day (Sept)

-          Host guests and give tours (Ongoing)

-          Campus Culture Audit and State of the School Address (Dec/Jan)

-          High School Only


EXplorer Nation

-          Induction Night

-          School-wide retreat (SE, NC, SW)

-          Pep Rally teach yells (once per 6 weeks)

-          Bus Trip- Senior Night or rival game (one per sport)

-          Bus Trip- Homecoming (Jan)

-          Create and teach Senior Signing Day yell (by April)

-          Train Junior Yell Leader for Senior Signing Day

-          High School and Middle School


Chain Reaction

-          Random Acts of Thankfulness Week (Nov)

-          Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb)

-          EE Recycles – create recycling initiatives for East End each semester 

-          Simple Acts React Committees (Ongoing)

o   Bulletin Board

o   Doors and high-fives


-          Common Assessment Encouragement and Giveaways

-          East End Cares Project (build awareness around the art of giving back in general/EE community)

-          High School Only



-          Monthly/Bi-monthly meetings

-          Make colleges as a form of self-expression

-          Zines homemade collages or any type of medium as a form of self-expression. They are very therapeutic and helps to express yourself because you can make a zine with basically anything and talk/comment about any topic you would like. If can help you find your identity or just having a way to express yourself and have a vessel to speak about anything i wanted whether it be political or personal.

-          High School

-          *MS can happen in Semester two


Class Councils

-          Operate MS/HS Swag store (weekly rotation)

-          Plan GL Merit trips (once per 6 weeks)

-          Collaborate on HS Merit trip (once per 6 weeks)

-          Run Family Gatherings (weekly)

-          Plan GL Culture events

-          High School and Middle School



Explorer Camp

-          System-wide retreat (June/July)

-          Summer Camp (July)

-          BOY Teacher PD culture (Aug)

-          Follow-up Events (once per 6 weeks-S1)

-          High School Only



-          Capture pictures from all DSI/Grade Leve/School-wide events listed in the DSI Guide

-          Create yearbook for distribution

o   Use advertising and fun promotions to encourage pre-sales

-          Build in “Autograph” time to the EOY schedule

-          High School Only


MS Student Council

-          Halloween Dance

-          Spirit Weeks

-          STAAR Pump Up

-          Eddybuck parties

-          8th Grade Dance

-          Middle School Only


Black Student Association

-          Monthly Meetings

-          Black History Month Celebrations (school-wide)

-          Spirit Week (Feb)

-          Send representatives to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Summit/s

-          2 HBCU field trips (once per semester)

-          Host events that build awareness of the Black/EE community

-          High School and Middle School


Debate Team

-          Apply for national membership

-          Compete in city/school-wide debates 

-          High School Only


Writing Lab

-          Monthly Meetings

-          Students can work on their writing skills

-          Write poetry

-          Present writings at school events


Name That Book Club

-          High School and Middle School

-          Students read and discuss 5-20 award winning books in preparation for a YES Prep competition in May

-          Meet Tuesday’s after school (once a month during semester one and twice a month during semester two)


Dance Team